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The infrastructure to support the next-generation carbon market

Transforming the way carbon markets work

What is Carbonclear.tech?

Carbonclear is a technology company building the infrastructure to support the next-generation carbon market. The ambition is to create the tools, APIs, and applications necessary for a unifying technology layer to emerge in the carbon space. Interoperability, transparency, and accountability are fundamental pillars in bringing together a fractured carbon market. In order to achieve this, Carbonclear has developed a domain-specific distributed ledger technology that serves as the foundational core for its tools and applications. The technology is agnostic to existing legacy systems, and has interoperability at its core.

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Carbonclear’s first solution is a carbon meta registry, carbonclear.io. Carbonclear.io is designed to enable data-driven CO2 avoidance and removal programs, and to automate the carbon compensation mechanism from end to end. Simply put, CO2 programs and projects can issue credits onto the registry on an ongoing basis, based on codified carbon methodologies, and automated data transfer protocols. On the demand side of the registry, our APIs allow for a seamless integration to consumer facing applications and hardware (shopping apps, smart meters, etc.). As long as they are data-driven, the programs issuing credits on carbonclear.io can be avoidance projects, such as renewable energy projects, or removal projects, such as biochar or direct air capture projects.    

Solutions for compliance and voluntary markets

Carbonclear aims at building IT infrastructure solutions for the voluntary as well as the compliance markets. The foundational core of the technology is malleable and can be adapted to a multitude of use-cases. Settlement of internationally transferred mitigation outcomes (ITMOs) and accounting of nationally determined contributions (NDCs) can for instance be achieved through a Carbonclear-based infrastructure, which acts as a legacy-agnostic layer on top of the multitudes of accounting systems currently in use by nation states. This will greatly support and automate the cooperation between the signatory parties of the Paris Agreement.    

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Get to know us

Our team has solid experience at the intersection of IT, carbon avoidance/removal, and renewable energy. Specifically, we have in-house knowledge at PhD-level of Blockchain and Distributed Ledger technology applications in energy and climate markets, having among other things done peer-review work for the World Bank on Blockchain and Emerging Digital Technologies for Enhancing Post-2020 Climate Markets (2018). We are advised by high ranking environmental experts and public affairs officials.

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